The Goal Of This Event

The objective of this two-day summit is to bring together cross-industry leaders to facilitate discussions regarding the latest trends and strategies relating to the creation of an ecosystem and culture of innovation within their organisations. Our aim is to have all attendees depart from the summit, armed and ready with the tools & insights needed to successfully drive innovation within their organisations further.

Points of Discussion

  • Stimulating and Fostering an Internal Culture of Experimentation and Innovation
  • Novel Product and Services Development: Incorporating Sustainability Practices
  • Innovation vs Digital Transformation: A Mutually Causal Relationship
  • From Black Mirror to White Canvas: Using Creativity to Improve Consumer Behaviours
  • Behaviour Design based on the Behavioural Science Model: Creating Behaviour Change via

      Behaviour Data

  • Value Creation through Collaborative Innovation: Learning from Start-Ups
  • Design Thinking: Keeping Ideation Agile and Lean
  • The Innovation Business Model and Strategic Approaches
  • Engaging Stakeholders and Ensuring Buy-in
  • Enhancing Open Innovation by UX Research and Design
  • Emerging Technologies and Data for Effective Consumer Needs Identification, FutureProofing,

      Measurement and Effective Implementation

  • Fuelling Disruptive Innovation through Consumer Insights


Who Will You Meet


Cross Industry Leading Speakers


Senior Level Attendees


Corporate : Companies
Solution Providers

Why a Summit and Why Now?

Innovation is a highly critical skill, needed by businesses today. With the rapid expansion of technology, as well as the impact this has had on the rise of competition, the need for developing novel products, processes and services, is even greater than before and key to ensuring that you remain ahead of the game. The question, however, remains: how do you guarantee that the ideas gathered and utilised, are ground-breaking ones which can be nurtured, developed and deployed with greater success?

At the 16th edition of Global Executive Events’ Unleashing Innovation summit, various cross-industry leaders and key decision-makers within some of the largest companies from across the globe, will attempt to answer just that!

Not only will they be sharing their knowledge and experiences on how innovation can (and should) be leveraged to drive business success, but also, that it is possible to maintain an agile and lean ideation process. Our expert speakers will be sharing some of their most crucial insights which could provide you with the tools you need to stimulate innovation within your organisation, identify ideas that will lead to greater success, and find ways to utilise consumer insights, UX research and design thinking to disrupt industries (to name but a few!). Attendees will also learn more about the value of collaborating, understanding the difference business models can make, and how to harness the power of technology for successful innovation.

Creativity is the currency of success and at the Unleashing Innovation Summit 2020, you will learn how to capitalise!

It’s all about the EXPERIENCE!

  • Cross-industry learning – find out how innovative new projects adopted by other sectors could

     add value to your business

  • Save time and money – concentrated industry insights and knowledge across two intensive days
  • Case studies – practical information on what works and what doesn’t, outlining the challenges

     and lessons learned for current and planned projects

  • Networking and interactive – build new relationships and engage with other executives in our

     workshops, unconference sessions and networking lunches

  • Collaborate – specialists and innovators generating brilliant ideas and innovative solutions
  • Real-world information – get practical, evidence-based insights to help you stay ahead of the



How Will You Benefit


Like Minded Strategy leaders for Networking


Hear About Groundbreaking Approaches to Innovation

Case Studies

Get the Pro & Cons of New & Existing Projects

Opportunities For Networking

Meet up to 100 like-minded cross-industry senior executives over two days of intensive talks, workshops, and learning; whilst taking advantage of the chance to do some strategic networking in the heart of beautiful Amsterdam. Be a part of the creative process by engaging in idea generation and problem-solving opportunities. You will have ample time to share your own knowledge with others, as well as gaining new insights from your peers during our networking sessions. All our attendees will leave our summits with unique viewpoints from others who have been through similar situations in an intimate round table setting.