The Goal Of This Event

The goal of this two-day event is to bring together cross-industry innovation leaders to share information on the latest trends and strategies relating to creating an ecosystem and culture of innovation within an organization. As well as key trends for 2019, we will discuss success stories in areas such as business development, strategy, marketing, product and R&D. Come home with practical ideas on how to excel the innovation engine within any organization.


At this summit, senior-level executives will discuss real-life examples of innovation at work in their organization. Join us to discuss and share your experiences with an Employee's First culture, customer centricity and opportunities with new evolving tech including augmented reality and artificial intelligence. This summit will explore trends and new developments to give you the knowledge and tools needed for your organization to succeed in 2019 and beyond.

Points of Discussion

 •   Building and Implementing a Sustainable Corporate Innovation Culture

 •   Democratizing Innovation: Making the Most of an Open Innovation Strategy by Incorporating 

     Crowdsourcing, Ideation, Co-Creation, Hackathons, and the like.

 •   Fostering an Open Innovation Strategy within your Organization

 •   R&D as the Key Element to Success when it comes to Innovation

 •   What makes for a successful R&D strategy?

 •   Innovating with Limited Resources – is it possible?

 •   Corporate Venturing: The Benefits of Innovating like a Venture Capitalist

 •   The Need for Purpose in Innovation Strategies: Does having a Purpose for Innovation allow for

     Greater  Innovative Ideas, or does it Cause a Hinderance?

 •   Innovation Governance: How to Align Goals, Allocate Resources and Assign Decision-Making

     Authority for Innovation Internally as well as Externally. How to identify an Overall Frame for


 •   Innovation Technologies: How to Embrace and Incorporate these to Assist in Implementing More

     Sustainable Innovation Strategies, Ideas and Processes

 •   Innovation Accounting: How can Innovation be Measured?

Who Will You Meet


Cross Industry Leading Speakers


Senior Level Attendees


Corporate : Companies
Solution Providers

Why a Summit and Why Now?

Innovation constitutes a driving force for organisational growth; regardless of industry or company size. In order to have the competitive advantage over intensified competition, in light of customers’ increasing demands alongside a rapidly evolving technological landscape, mastering the art of managing the innovation process, becomes more and more imperative. With the evolution of markets, all businesses are subject to digital disruption in the “Age of Accelerations”. With technological development happening at an exponential rate, organisations urgently need to learn ways to make the most of the technologies at their disposal to assist in their innovation process.

In this, 15th Edition of our favoured Unleashing Innovation summit, we explore various aspects of corporate innovation. At our summit you will learn from cross-industry leaders why having an Innovation Purpose is important, how Research and Development could be the Key to your Innovation Success (as well as how to go about building such a strategy), and analyse ways to help you build and implement a Sustainable Corporate Innovation Culture within your organisation. Sharing with us their first-hand experiences, these C-Level expert presenters will help you understand the benefits of utilising open innovation strategies and give tips on how to ensure that your overall frame for innovation is defined and maintained throughout.

As technology pushes for change across all industries, no-one can afford to be left behind. Come join our summit to learn more on what the benefits of innovating like a venture capitalist can hold, as well as how futuristic technologies can help grow your organisation’s innovation efficacy.

It’s all about the EXPERIENCE!


  •  A chance to meet world innovation leaders- from start-ups to mature projects at the forefront

      forefront of their success

  •  Cross-sector learning- find out how solutions adopted by other sectors can add value to

      your business. What can innovators learn from marketing and R&D and vice versa?

 •   Save time and money - concentrated industry knowledge in two intensive days

 •   Case studies - listen to case studies outlining the pros and cons of new and existing projects

 •   Networking and interactive sessions - Learn from your peers and build new relationships in our

      break out and networking sessions

 •   Discussion groups – industry-specific roundtable discussions for you to focus on the key issues

      that affect your business

 •   Reinvigorate your business with fresh ideas -  Meet industry pioneers and discover how to

      deliver breakthrough results


How Will You Benefit


Like Minded Strategy leaders for Networking


Hear About Groundbreaking Approaches to Innovation

Case Studies

Get the Pro & Cons of New & Existing Projects

Opportunities For Networking

Meet over 80 like-minded cross-industry leaders and take advantage of the networking opportunities, both formal and informal. The conference is expected to become a platform for fruitful discussion and networking among key executives from around the world, working towards a culture of innovation. The interactive programme format is structured to maximise learning and networking through fun and informative sessions.